The Crises Control Platform

The Crises Control platform contains several modules and module extensions to serve all your mass notification and incident management needs

Emergency Mass Notification

PING Mass Notification System

PING is the Crises Control mass notification engine. PING enables you to send short messages to individual users or groups via five channels: SMS text messages, email, in-app push notifications, voice calls, and desktop notifications.

Incident manager

Incident Manager

The Incident Manager supports your organisation throughout the entire incident, managing everything from alerts through to task management. The incident manager also allows you to create templates, tasks lists, and workflows for different incidents.

Alerting the Public in an Emergency

Public Alert Module

The Public Alert Module enables you to send SMS text messages to or call large volumes of people in an emergency. The Public Alert module doesn’t require the public to download the app in order to receive alerts.

Employee Safety and SOS Alerts

SOS Emergency Panic Button

The SOS Emergency Panic Button on the Crises Control app enables any employee to trigger an alert to the rapid response team if they are in trouble.

Incident Task Manager

Task Manager

The Task Manager contains all the tasks required in this incident response. Use the task manager to distribute tasks within the team, and track their progress, in a timely, effective, and controllable way.

Incident Plan Builder

Incident Plan Builder

The Incident Plan Builder enables you to create actionable plans for every type of incident, and store them within the Crises Control platform until they are needed.

Reports and Audit Data

Reports and Audit Data

The Reports and Audit Module provides user-friendly reports and data both during and after an incident. Reports are auditable and can be used in evidence for compliance.