Business Continuity

Companies today face a growing threat landscape. The frequency and severity of weather-related events seems to be increasing. The reliance on a complex network of technology and supply chains is expanding. Terrorism, personal attacks and cyber-attack are forecasted to increase at an alarming rate. We can help you plan, prepare, and respond to the events that can threaten your business continuity.
The trends leave businesses susceptible to a variety of existing and emerging risks. Managing these risks by developing a business continuity strategy is key to the survival of any organisation.

Business continuity planning is one of the most critical components of any recovery strategy. Unfortunately, not every company develops a continuity plan. To have no contingency plans is simply a dereliction of duties.

The recent changes in data protection law require all companies based in Europe to have continuity plans.

"GDPR SECURITY - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Resilience"

Regulatory changes in the insurance industry require all organisations to state their recovery plans for insured risks. 

"Business Continuity Planning should be regarded as a priority for any business and is equally critical for small and medium sized companies as it is for large organisations."

Plan, Communicate & Protect

Five compelling reasons for choosing Crises Control

The Crises Control App

The Crises Control App harnesses the power of mobile phones to deliver, at the crucial time, a communication platform when your systems could be down. The continuity plan with supporting assets to the people that you have setup, we call them the response team. The task that you have assigned to the members of the response team.

Crises Control uses up to 5 channels to communicate with your response team, these channels are PUSH, EMAIL, SMS, WEB and TELEPHONE.

Customers decide on how many channels to use depending on the urgency of the incident and certainty of the message delivery required.

The Apps provides the user with a rich set of options enabling them to deal with any kind of emergency or crisis situation.

Crises Control Conference Call

When you are in the middle of a critical event, then one of the most time effective ways to make decisions and allocate actions is by getting your response team together on a conference call. Everyone who is needed to input advice or make a decision is immediately right there in one virtual place, wherever they may be geographically located.

With one click our conference bridge facility allows you to create a virtual meeting through the mobile app or via the web portal.

You can connect selected individuals, or everyone into a conference call within seconds. Our conference bridge will support up to 150 people per conference, it calls all relevant users, so users do not incur a charge, rather the organisation.

Conference Call are recorded for audit purposes and post incident review.

Crises Control Conference Call
Incident Command and Control

Incident Command and Control

When you can see what is going on, who is doing what, who needs support, what item is going to breach a time KPI and the overall progress of the incident you are managing you know you are in control.

The incident control centre provides real-time information to incident managers for superior coordination throughout the life cycle of the incident. Incidents are resolved 20% faster.

Managing Tasks in a Crisis

In a crisis situation things don’t go to plan because crises don’t follow your plans. Every crisis is unique. From the start people are under pressure, feel compelled to act quickly and often don’t have the information they need to hand.

Crises Control offers incident owners an easy and powerful way to create, manage distribute contingency plans to the responder groups(s). These plans can be a document created by our incident plan builder or they could be a series of automated incident management in a process. Each task is assigned to responder group(s) and electronically distributed to the App when the incident is started for optimal recovery.


Create and automate incident task

Whereas the incident plan builder produces a contingency plan document, the automated incident management is better suited to incidents that require specific tasks executed in a process automatically. The system will automatically distribute the task to assigned group(s), track the status and response activity until complete.

For example incident recovery plan for "Loss of Internet" could contain several tasks organised in an optimum process. 

A task could contain a list of things to check assigned to the IT department responders. Another task could be to consider, PR, legal and insurance issues assigned to the Directors. These tasks are just some examples of the tasks in the process for optimal recovery.

Co-Pilot Service

Co-Pilot Support Service

Unlike our competitors, we offer a unique Co-pilot Service to customers that can provide assistance which goes well beyond just giving advice to you so that you can resolve issues yourself. Our experts can co-pilot an incident from "Launch to Close" with you, supporting you all the way.


A business continuity solution that is easy to implement and simple to use

Every day we help organisations around the world protect their most valuable assets - their people and their operations. We reduce your response time from the industry average of 60 minutes to less than two minutes, a 96% improvement. Quicker return to business as usual, saving you time, money and reputation. Valuable data for post-incident review and root cause analysis.

Easy Uploads

Upload your business continuty plan and associated multi-media assets, and start building your resilience now!

Workflow Automation

Automate your response teams' actions according to the right business continuity plan, quickly resolve issues, cut down on recovery expenses and get back on track as soon as possible.

Dashboards, Reports and Audits

Real-time dashboards and map-based visualizations to help organisations achieve situational awareness, and centralise and co-ordinate their response efforts.

Start using Crises Control today

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