Incident Plan Builder

Do you have contingency plans for the various incidents that your business could face?

The Incident Plan Builder helps organisations that don't have contingency plans to begin their journey to resilience. Our Incident Plan Builder draws on best practice and takes you, step-by-step, through the process. You don’t need to be an expert to create plans for specific incident occurrences, we help you along the way with tips, some high value content that you can use and experience obtained from customers around the world.

Once you have built your plans, you can link them with the relevant incident, ready for "that day".

Having contingency plans makes it more likely that your organisation will bounce back from any incident or emergency situation. The purpose of these plans is to enable the sustained execution of mission critical processes in the event of an extraordinary event that causes critical systems to fail.

The challenge lies in keeping these plans, small, simple to understand, accessible, up-to-date and supported with other assets that could be useful to the response team. The Incident Plan Builder was designed to overcome these challenges.

plan builder
Plan Builder
Plan Builder

Create business continuity plans with Incident Plan Builder

Crises Control provides a "quick start" solution to any organisation that wants to create continuity plans. Additionally, we make it easy for our customers to host their existing plans on our SaaS system, which is accessible 24x7, resilient and globally available.

Our customers can create new business continuity plans with our "Incident Plan Builder". Anyone new to creating continuity plans will find it easy to use the “Incident Plan Builder” wizard software. The wizard takes customers through a step-by step process which creates plans that are actionable, relevant and easy to understand.

Crises Control doesn't stop there because a continuity plan is practically useless unless there is a way of sharing that information amongst stakeholders in the event of incident or crisis. At the heart of Crises Control is a mass communication platform capable of delivering your plans to the right people at the right time. Our award winning app connects your people with your command and control team for a faster recovery and return to normal.


Let's make a start...

Begin your journey to resilience with Crises Control Incident Plan Builder. Begin your journey to resilience with Crises Control Incident Plan Builder.You don't need to be an expert to create effective critical incident or business continuity plans.Contingency Incident Plan Builder for non-experts.

Wave good bye to your BC Consultant

Have the people that truly understand the business, build your business continuity plans.

Iterative Improvements

Adapt and improve your plans to build increasingly better resilence through planning, doing, checking and acting.

Secure Storage

Store your plans securely and in a ready to distribute, actionable and digestable format.

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