Mass Notifications System that works, beautifully

When time is imperative our mass notification technology enables our customers to send alert messages to their target audience within seconds. These messages can be pre-defined or customised. With our App, customers can mass notify people at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you know in real-time who has acknowledged the message.

Imagine how important that can be when you need to disseminate information confidentially within your organisation upwards to your CEO, downwards to your staff and sideways to affected business partners. A mass notification App that protects your people and business assets.

Customers get a highly secure two-way, mass notifications service to global audiences. Crises Control provides absolute certainty that the message is delivered to an individual’s device. We achieve this by using up to 5 channels; Push, Emails, SMS, Phone calls or Web alerts. Customers can be confident that their message is delivered whilst remaining in full control of cost of execution. Our ultra-secure, simple to implement, multilingual, global mass notification system, SaaS, means that your message will reach the individual or groups when it matters most.

Real time reporting

Dashboards, Reports and Audits

With other mass notification systems you often wonder if your message got through! Crises Control provides that certainty. Our dashboard is interactive, simple to understand and real-time. We provide your "command and control" people a clear view of the communications in progress, message timeline, responsiveness statistics and critical task executions. The dashboard interface can filter out conversations, keywords, assigned tasks and much more because it was designed with you in mind. It provides a common operational picture on the status of your users, their locations, tasks, incidents and notifications.

Certainty of message delivery, worldwide

You decide the immediacy of the message and we deliver it with certainty, no matter where your people are in the world. You can send a message on all channels simultaneously or cascade the communication channels from your App, laptop or desktop. We provide the flexibility to optimise the immediacy of message delivery and cost management.

Public sector and private sector organisations use us with confidence for a wide range of mass communication scenarios.

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Crises Control Conference Call

Crises Control Conference Call

When you are in the middle of a critical event, then one of the most time effective ways to make decisions and allocate actions is by getting your response team together on a conference call. Everyone who is needed to input advice or make a decision is immediately right there in one virtual place, wherever they may be geographically located.

With one click our conference bridge facility allows you to create a virtual meeting through the mobile App or via the web portal.

You can connect selected individuals, or everyone into a conference call within seconds. Our conference bridge will support up to 150 people per conference, it calls all relevant users, so users do not incur a charge, rather the organisation.

Conference Call are recorded for audit purposes and post incident review.


Crises Control gives you control when you need it most

Crises Control mass notification technology provides you certainty of delivery and cost management at the time you need it most.

IT Alerting

Automate mass communications, collaborate, disseminate and orchestrate your incident resolution.

Public Alerting

Alert residents, guests, visitors or owners, of any incident risk or event in their proximity.

General Communications

Crises Control App provides a secure and reliable group communication tool without group size limits, and with enterprise grade security and administration functionality.

Start using Crises Control today

An efficient, user friendly, mass notification system made to support you when you need it the most