Simple, Secure, Reliable Messaging

If you are responsible for communications, in mass, with many people potentially on a daily basis, with routine reminders, event notifications and more. Current solutions are limited in scale, security, segmentation capabilities and privacy.

Crises Control enables mass notification to a limitless number of users through one or multiple channels. We guarantee that we will deliver your message to the end user, globally, in just a few seconds. Our system obtains acknowledgement receipts and helps you manage the many responses easily.

You can also score your users based on their responsiveness.


You'll get fast, simple, secure and reliable messaging through multiple channels.
We're available on phones all over the world

Using daily notifications is a great way to practice for an emergency event, to test to see if your security teams will acknowledge a message, train safety teams on emergency action plans or even notify your employees on routine updates.
Crises Control is there to help you speak out via SMS, Voice, Push notifications or Email on any occasion.

Ping Message

Ping messages to notify users to any event or update via SMS, Voice, Push notifications or Email.

Scale and Segmentation

Unlike other solutions, Crises Control will reach a limitless amount of users while easily segmenting them by role, location and more. We can also cascade your messages.

Tracking and Acknowledgement

Crises Control can track all messages sent between all user types and show you which users have acknowledged. This information is available for future audits.

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An efficient, user friendly, mass notification system made to support you when you need it the most