Keep your employees safe at all times

“Employers have a duty of care to keep employees safe, which means that they should take all steps which are reasonably possible to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing”. (

There are many occasions when a business can be impacted by events that potentially put lives at risk.  These could be severe weather, terrorist attacks or even the safety of staff in dangerous areas. 

The occurrence of evermore dangerous crises is growing more frequent.  They are becoming more disruptive, taking longer to recover and costing businesses a great deal of money.

Crises Control can reduce the impact and cost of these disruptions. During crisis incidents like fire, flood, terrorist attack, kidnapping and abduction you can get full visibility of the location and status of employees and on the progress of any assistance being given to them.

Our customers can locate their people and send and receive two-way notifications to keep people informed and safe, before, during and after an event.  Even if the mobile networks are down, by utilising SMS, PUSH and Telephone over Wi-Fi.  People traveling to hostile environments and dangerous areas can use our voluntary “track me during travel” option on their App anytime they feel venerable.  

Every day we are helping organisations around the world protect their most valuable assets - their people and their operations - Anytime and Anywhere.

SOS Alert
SOS Alert
SOS Panic Button for your workers

SOS “Panic Button” for your workers

In some work environments, safety and security is major issue. Employers can provide an extra level of assurance and protection to their staff from our App.

In any dangerous circumstance your employees can use the discrete panic button on their mobile phone silently to send an SOS alert, which will immediately notify your emergency response team of their location on a world map. 

The discrete panic button can save lives and provide valuable assistance “silently” to those needing help immediately.

What workers are at risk?

All workers can be at risk to be a recipient of threats and violence, but data clearly shows specific workers and industries are disproportionately affected by workplace violence.

The following statistics are from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which is the research arm of OSHA (NIOSH, 2018):

Victims receiving suffering and injury from workplace violence:

70% female
67% aged 25 to 54
70% Healthcare and social assistance industry
21% required 31 or more days away from work to recover from the injuries
19% of affected workers have 3 to 5 days away from work

Workers are at risk


SOS Mobile APP Panic Button

Keep employees safe. The Crises Control App provides a unique solution for enhanced employee safety in the workplace and hostile environments to ensure workers are assisted quickly and effectively for a successful outcome when faced with threat of violence or harm.

Ping Message

Use our Ping Message function to alert employees to a critical multi-site incident via SMS Voice or Push notifications, employees can simply choose a pre-defined response.

Automated Response

Automate your response team's course of action according to the business continuity plan, quickly reach your distressed employee and keep them safe.

GEO-aware SOS Message

Remote employee can call for assistance using a one touch SOS button, GPS tracking will help rescue teams locate the employee.

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