Keep your employees safe at all times

As an employer, it is your duty to keep your employees safe. During certain events you want full visibility on the location and status of the user and on the progress of any assistance until completion.

Crises Control enables GEO Tracking capabilities of your employee's devices and continuous monitoring of the emergency plans as they materialize. Keeping track of all tasks to be executed until your employee returns to safety.

SOS Alert


Your SOS Button

In some work environments, safety and security may be an issue. You want to give your employees an easy way to send an SOS alert, which will immediately notify all relevant parties of their location of the person, and any other information required so you can get to them as fast as possible. Crises Control gives you a unique solution for employee safety to ensure they are attended to quickly and effectively using continuous geo tracking and ensuring all efforts are executed to completion.

Ping Message

Use our Ping Message function to alert employees to a critical multi-site incident via SMS Voice or Push notifications, employees can simply choose a pre-defined response.

Automated Response

Automate your response team's course of action according to the business continuity plan, quickly reach your distressed employee and keep them safe.

GEO-aware SOS Message

Remote employee can call for assistance using a one touch SOS button, GPS tracking will help rescue teams locate the employee.

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