Keep your citizens informed and safe

It is the responsibility of government, authorities and emergency forces to keep their citizens safe. Effective public alerting and timely dissemination of information can potentially save lives during a crisis.

Crises Control enables timely alerting on a limitless scale on routine events; as well as deployment of pre-planned responses to emergency events such as an evacuation, terrorist attack alert or severe weather conditions.

How do our customers use it?

Our customers use Crises Control for operational purposes. For example; Housing Associations alert their tenants, Hotels alert their guests, Logistics enterprises alert their staff and public sector organisations alert their employees these are just a few usage examples. The benefits of a secure, private alerting and communications system cannot be over-stated.

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Reputation management

Reputation management under pressure

A crisis can be a defining moment for any company. The way a company manages an adverse event can severely threaten or greatly enhance many things including its reputation.

When a critical event occurs PR and reputation management specialists know how important it is to act quickly and share up-to-the-minute information. Delay in responding could prove disastrous if events escalate quickly, especially if normal channels of communication are unavailable. Normal channels are not secured therefore confidentiality is at risk.

That is when our integrated, multi-channel, cloud-hosted mass communications platform proves invaluable. Immediate access to a secure, communication system can be the difference between success and costly disaster. Our mass communication platform provides a private and secure way of communicating with individuals and large groups wherever they are in the world. The mobile App is so easy to use, it handles the disruption communication instantly, allowing a return to business-as-usual quicker.


Making Public Alerting easy and accountable

Public alerting doesn't have to be difficult. Using Crises Control, you will be able to easily create emergency plans, make sure everyone is well informed and post-event have proof of exactly who was notified, when, and what happened next. Make sure your citizens are kept informed and safe via SMS, Voice, Push and more.

Ping Message

Instantly ping site visitors, students and residents to critical incidents via SMS, Voice or Push notification with clear, pre-written instructions for evacuation or lockdown.

Geo-aware Alerts

Send emergency notifications to individuals and teams based on their role and location together with supporting documents and post incident audit logs.

Planned Alerts

Using our Plan Builder, simply create emergency plans and assign people and places to reach during an emergency, so you can be prepared when the time comes.

Start using Crises Control today

An efficient, user friendly, mass notification system made to support you when you need it the most