Flawless communications is at the heart of any safety and security event

Security teams have to train for the worst, from active shooters, chemical leaks, floods or major fires. In such critical events, your organisation must respond imminently to avoid loss of life and loss of business. Extreme conditions normally reduce your communications capabilities.

Crises Control is a reliable government-grade mass communication solution. Our Incident function will inform the security incident response team of any major incident and automatically send them the relevant action plan for quick remediation of the situation. All notifications are tracked and recorded for future review.


Quick response compatible with post-incident investigation

Crises Control enables any employee to alert of a critical event, which can start an incident alert to a response team. This team will receive action plans whilst making sure all logs of receipts are recorded and giving them the capability of responding. All tasks and actions related to any individual or team are monitored and their completion is tracked against your KPIs. The entire event can be monitored using our dashboard and various reports can be generated during and after the event for post-incident review.

Locating and Assisting Users

Crises Control can track users and also messages sent to and acknowledged by them. We also give the user in distress call back options.

Workflow Automation

Automate your response team's course of action according to your safety procedures, quickly resolve any issue to minimise injury or death and get back on track as soon as possible.

Multichannel Notifications

Get notified instantly worldwide on any device via Email, Text, Phone or Push. Trace your team with GPS location finder and monitor the event as it unfolds, to completion.

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