Crises Control v5.2 launches with new features and GDPR compliant security enhancements

Crises Control v5.2 new features and GDPR compliant security

As Product Development Manager for Crises Control, I am very pleased to announce the successful launch of Version 5.2 of our platform. We pride ourselves on Crises Control being an award-winning, leading-edge, critical incident management tool. We have not won that reputation by standing still in the area of product development, but by constantly innovating to bring improvements and enhancements to the platform for the benefit of our customers.

The new version has made a number of significant improvements to both the portal and the mobile application, with bug fixes, new features and new performance reports. And we have also introduced some important enhancements to the security of private data, to ensure that we are fully compliant with GDPR data minimisation, storage and security principles.

The new release minimises the amount of Personal Identification Information (PII) data that is stored on the mobile phone/device. PII data in the Crises Control portal is already encrypted at rest and during transit between the app and the portal, in line with the stipulation of (EU) 2016/679 that “a high level of protection of personal data” is required.

We have also introduced greater flexibility for managing user passwords to ensure that we meet and exceed the GDPR requirement for safeguards to prevent the abuse, unlawful access, or transfer of personal data.

Other improvements on the portal and app include:

  • Evaluate month-to-month operational improvements for 6 to 24 months on the dashboard.
  • View your most effective channel of communication.
  • Customise your email notifications using templates.
  • Quickly replicate an incident to save time using our Incident Clone function.
  • Add pictures or videos as attachments to your pings or incident messages.
  • Task view enhancements with overview, drill down and filter options.
  • Task review enhancements to facilitate assignment of tasks during a live incident.
  • Improved offline and low data signal capability for the App.
  • Improved tracking capability on the App.

Check out this webpage for more information on V5.2 and book a demo to see the latest version in action.

Rickie Sehgal
Product Development Manager – Crises Control