Communications that fits your purpose

Communications that fits your purpose

Have you ever asked yourself, what communications channels does your company use and are they truly fit for purpose?

Your number one communications channel is probably e-mail. This is a fantastic tool when it is working well, but what would happen if your power was down or your IT network was out of action? How would you notify everyone that the e-mail service was unavailable to start with? What are your alternatives?

You would probably turn first to your company mobile phones, if you have them. But consider how that would actually work out for you. Do you have all of your company contacts ready to text on your mobile? Would you be able to group them together to reduce the time it takes and how would you deal with the multiple responses that you might receive? Would you have to resort to a good old-fashioned call chain to get your message out to everyone?

There are free messaging tools out there like WhatsApp, which are very useful. But these are designed for conversations between relatively small groups and they do not scale up very easily. WhatsApp has recognised this themselves by bringing out a WhatsApp for Business, but this is only available on Android and does not add much additional functionality to the personal version.

There are other free chat services out there, like ChatCrypt, Tox and Surespot. But these are all similar to WhatsApp, functional for one-to-one and small group exchanges, but not designed for mass communication.

Most of these platforms can send documents, but they do not offer structured cloud storage for your critical documents, so that these documents are always available when you need them. If your IT network is down you won’t be able to access them.

If you need all of the functionality that WhatsApp can give you, plus e-mail, plus conference calls, plus document storage, then you need to think about a communications platform like Crises Control.

Crises Control is a communications tool that is multi-channel, cloud-hosted and fully operational from any mobile or fixed device. It will allow you to communicate at all times, when other communications systems will not stand up.

It also offers Enterprise grade functions such as task management and performance reporting, to help you manage any events and automatically create an audit trail for review.

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Shalen Sehgal
Director of Business Development