Empowering Organisations in Saudi Arabia: Crises Control’s Advanced Mass Notification System 

Mass Notification System

In an ever-evolving world where seamless communication is the key to effective crisis management, organisations in Saudi Arabia are actively seeking a robust Mass Notification System (MNS) that caters to their unique needs. Crises Control, with its cutting-edge technology, emerges as a beacon of support, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific requirements of the Saudi Arabian business landscape.

The Crucial Need for a Mass Notification System

In the face of uncertainties, having a reliable Mass Notification System is not just a luxury, but a necessity for businesses. Crises Control understands the intricate demands of organisations in Saudi Arabia and has designed its MNS to address these challenges comprehensively.

Crises Control’s Key Features Meeting Saudi Arabian Requirements

1. Managing Diverse User Access

Crises Control stands out by facilitating the management of over 1000+ users and administrators, each with varying access rights, ensuring a tailored approach to organisational hierarchy.

2. Multichannel Communication Excellence

Crises Control’s Mass Notification System allows communication through multiple channels such as IVR, SMS, emails, and push notifications, ensuring no message goes unheard.

3. Seamless Cross-Border Communication

For businesses operating across borders, Crises Control enables seamless communication across multiple countries, promoting a unified response strategy.

4. Integration with Existing Databases

Synchronising contact information with databases like Microsoft Active Directory ensures that the system seamlessly integrates with the existing organisational structure.

5. Dynamic Group Management

Flexibility is key, and Crises Control provides the ability to allocate employees to multiple groups and locations, allowing organisations to choose their target audience for any alert strategically.

6. Real-time Tracking and Reporting

With comprehensive real-time tracking reports, management can immediately assess and escalate situations, ensuring timely responses and addressing potential challenges.

7. Cascade Calls for Efficient Escalation

Crises Control enables hierarchical communication cascading, ensuring that critical messages reach the right individuals promptly.

8. Scheduled and On-Demand Communications

Whether planning in advance or responding to emergencies, Crises Control provides the flexibility to schedule and execute communications at the push of a button.

9. Resilient Message Delivery

Automatic resend or re-route options for undelivered messages, based on predefined time periods, guarantee the reliability of message delivery.

10. Varied Response Formats

The solution allows recipients to respond in multiple formats, from simple confirmations to providing voice responses, offering a user-friendly approach to communication.

11. User-Friendly Interface and Reporting

The administrators benefit from the user-friendly Crises Control web portal, with robust reporting functionality and export capabilities.

12. Data Privacy Assurance

Crises Control places a strong emphasis on data privacy, with all data stored and transported within the UAE borders, highlighting the security of its local data centres and telecom providers.

13. Multilingual Capabilities

Support for multilingual messages based on language preferences in the database ensures effective communication in a multilingual environment.

14. VoIP and PSTN Compatibility

Crises Control is not confined to the internet; it supports both VoIP (internet calling) and traditional phone systems (PSTN), offering flexibility in communication.

15. Maintenance and Support Excellence

Crises Control ensures a variety of support packages, providing organisations with reliable 24/7 assistance.

Conclusion: Experience the Power of Crises Control’s Mass Notification System

In conclusion, Crises Control’s Mass Notification System is a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique communication needs of organisations in Saudi Arabia. From dynamic user management to advanced reporting, the cloud-based (SaaS) system is tailored to empower businesses in efficiently handling crises. 

To witness the capabilities of Crises Control’s Mass Notification System firsthand, contact us today for a free personalised demo. Take the first step towards transforming your organisation’s crisis communication strategy and safeguarding its future.


1. How does Crises Control’s Mass Notification System cater to the unique needs of organisations in Saudi Arabia?

Crises Control offers a comprehensive solution with features such as multilingual capabilities, seamless cross-border communication, and data storage within UAE borders.

2. What communication channels does Crises Control support?

Crises Control supports multiple communication channels, including IVR, SMS, emails, and push notifications. This multichannel approach ensures that the right people receive the right message at the right time.

3. How does Crises Control ensure data privacy and security for organisations using its Mass Notification System?

The system utilises secure local data centres and telecom providers, adhering to stringent security measures. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from potential cyber threats.

4. Can Crises Control be seamlessly integrated with existing databases?

Crises Control facilitates seamless integration with existing databases, such as Microsoft Active Directory. This integration ensures that the system aligns with the existing organisational structure, enhancing efficiency in user and group management. With the ability to manage over 1000+ users and administrators, each with varying access rights, the system offers a tailored approach to organisational hierarchy.

5. What level of support does Crises Control offer, and how does it ensure organisations have assistance 24/7?

Crises Control provides a variety of support packages, ensuring organisations have access to reliable assistance 24/7. Whether it’s scheduled communications or responding to emergencies, the system offers support excellence to address any challenges promptly.