Property Management Incident Notification Platform Case Study

An high end series of residential accommodation blocks in Central London needed an incident notification platform for their employees and residents to notify them of critical incidents.
Property Management case study


An historic, high end series of residential accommodation blocks with 1,250 serviced apartments near the River Thames in Central London needed an incident notification platform for their employees and residents to notify them of critical incidents, including possible flooding.


The size and complexity of the buildings on site makes communication a real challenge for the customer. At the same time, having thousands of residents on site 24 hours a day in a central London location, close to the river, places a serious responsibility on them to have rapid and first class emergency response plans in place.

The customer response team does use radio phones to communicate on site, but they also wanted to have in place a robust system of communicating with the team when they are away from the site. The facility was required for routine scheduling issues as well as a full scale mobilisation of the emergency response team.


The customer deployed the Crises Control platform to support its Health & Safety Department with employee and resident critical communications. The main planned use for the platform is in the event of major incidents that require an emergency response, such as a fire, a flood or a power outage.

The customer also uses the platform to ensure that their emergency response plans are all up to date and available 24/7, and they have tested those plans through training exercises with their response team.

Customer Q&A with the Head of Health & Safety

What value does Crises Control provide to you?

There are a number of benefits that Crises Control has brought to us as an operational management team.

  • Onboarding ourselves to the platform has forced us to review our emergency response plans and make sure that they are fit for purpose.
  • The platform has also encouraged us to test our plans, so that they have a much better chance of working smoothly in the event of an incident.
  • It’s a great tool to be able to communicate effectively to all of the emergency response team at once.

How happy were you with the onboarding and training experience?

The Crises Control onboarding team worked closely with us on the installation. One of them visited us on site to train our key users in how to setup, manage and use the tool. The process of uploading information to the platform, including contact details for all our members was easy and straight forward. The time we did spend was in ensuring that our own emergency plans and procedures were correct and up to date.

What is the relationship like with the Crises Control account team?

As one of their early customers, we have a very close relationship with our Crises Control account team. Our customer success manager at Crises Control is always looking to make sure that we are utilizing the platform to its fullest extent and they also provide 24/7 helpdesk support to rapidly resolve and technical and user questions.

“I would definitely recommend Crises Control to anyone looking to ensure that their whole team is kept up-to-date with communication in the event of an emergency.”

Head of Health & Safety
High End Property Management Company