Financial Services Incident Notification Platform Case Study

A leading financial services provider needed an incident notification platform to alert employees principally at their London City HQ.
Financial Services case study


A leading financial services provider, with 400 employees in London, needed an incident notification platform to alert employees principally at their London City HQ, and also travelling across Europe, of critical incidents via cloud-hosted e-mail, SMS, telephone call and push notification.


The Financial Services provider has 400 employees based in their London City HQ, but also travelling across Europe and the whole EMEA region. They needed a multi-channel incident notification platform to warn employees of critical incidents, including severe weather and terror attacks whilst they were either office based or on the move.

The global spread presents a significant communications challenge in terms of delivery of critical messages and security. They also needed to be able to check on the location and safety of individual employees who were travelling and receive responses from them.


The customer deployed the Crises Control platform to support its Human Resources department with employee critical communications. The solution has been used on a number of occasions, including during terror attacks in London Bridge and Munich.

The customer also uses the Ping Message function when they hold their 6 monthly HQ building evacuation drills. New security guidance from police requires companies in London to instruct their employees not to gather in a single location during an office evacuation, but to spread themselves out some distance from the building.

Customer Q&A with the Director of HR

What value does Crises Control provide to you?

Our priority is to get information out clearly and concisely to our staff and prompt them to respond quickly. That’s why we find the Ping message acknowledgment feature extremely powerful. They hit the button and get on with their lives, we are satisfied, and they are safe.

Thanks to its intuitive design, the platform is very easy for administrators and keyholders to use. It’s very obvious what you have to do. You don’t need long explanations.

How have you actually used the Crises Control platform?

The platform was used during the London Bridge terrorist attack in June 2017, in which 8 people were killed and 48 injured, to notify employees about the incident and warn them to stay away from the area, even though the incident took place outside working hours, during the evening.

The Incident module was also used during a shooting rampage at a shopping mall in Munich in July 2016, in which 9 people were killed and 36 injured. We have no office in Munich, but they do have staff who travel there for work regularly that they wanted to notify about the incident and warn to avoid the affected area.

How happy were you with the onboarding and training experience?

Onboarding was very easy. After receiving training and onboarding assistance from Crises Control team the project leaders were able to introduce the platform to the rest of our staff using scenarios and workshops. The training was well received, and people were shown how to use the platform properly right from the start.

What is the relationship like with the Crises Control account team?

As one of their first customers, we have a very long and close relationship with our Crises Control account team. Our customer success manager at Crises Control is always looking to make sure that we are utilizing the platform to its fullest extent and they also provide 24/7 helpdesk support to rapidly resolve and technical and user questions.

“Our priority is to get information out clearly and concisely to our staff and prompt them to respond quickly.”

Director of HR
Leading Financial Services Provider