Version 5.3.3 - April 2021

Crises Control App UI

App UI improvement

Company message now appears in a banner at the top for better visibility.

Version 5.3.2 - December 2020

Version 5.3.1 - August 2020

UI Improvements

UI Improvements

Thanks to some improvements and tweeks on the UI, the mobile app is now more user friendly.

New Login Process

New Login Process

On your first login, enter your Customer ID on the first page.

You will then either be redirected to the required Single Sign-On page or to the Crises Control login page. Your Customer ID will then be saved for subsequent logins.

Version 5.3 - April 2020

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

When two Factor authentication is enabled in the company settings, it will now be requested on the app as well as the portal.

Menu Improvements

Menu Improvements

The app menu has been redesigned for ease of use.

Low Credit Warning

Low Credit Warning

When sending notifications from the app, you will get a warning if your company credits are running low.

Location Selection

Location Selection

You can now select locations by using the map and defining a radius. All enclosed locations will be selected.

Re-notify Unacknowledged Users

Re-notify Unacknowledged Users

You can now easily resend a message to users that did not yet acknowledge.

Version 5.2.12 - December 2019


Message Reply

You can now select the communication channels to be used when replying to a message.


Ping Conference Calls

You can now start a conference call from a Ping’s recipient list.

Version 5.2.11 - July 2019

login 1


As we continue to improve our system and security, we are making changes to the signing in procedure. The sign in credential will require you to enter your Customer ID in addition to your username and password. Both the mobile app and the portal will remember your Customer ID (if you have enabled the setting) for subsequent sign ins.

Version 5.2.9 - May 2019


Reply and Reply to All

You can now reply to Ping and incident messages. These replies will show in conversation form when viewing the current message. You can choose reply to the sender only, or to reply to all.


Record and Send Message

You can now record and send audio Ping messages from the app. Audio messages can complement text messages, or be used as an alternative.

Select attachment > record audio to start recording.

call options1

Call User Options

When calling a user from the acknowledgement list, you can now select between two options. You can call them directly from your mobile phone, or you can choose to get the system to call you. In this case your call can be recorded and attached to the incident for later review. This can also help if one of your users is running out of phone credit.


View Department or Location Members

Before sending a message make sure who is part of the department or location you are selecting to send the message to. This allows you to quickly make sure you are not missing an important recipient.


Tracking Reminders

If you have allowed Crises Control to track you via the app, you will receive reminders that you are being tracked at regular intervals. You can choose to end the tracking any time.

Version 5.2.7 - January 2019


Advanced Options in Incident Launch Form

We have now moved some of the optional message settings into an advanced option list so that only the mandatory options are visible by default, in order to improve the user experience, and speed up the launch process.

Users will still be able to access these options by opening the advanced option list.

off duty

New Off Duty Feature

Users can now set their off duty time from the app. When off duty they won’t receive notifications.

ping search

Search Ping

Search by keyword from the Ping list screen.

message status

Improved Key Contact and Status Pages

You can now click on the icons to contact the user via the corresponding channel.

large font

Large Font Option

You can now increase the size of the font in the app from the Settings screen.

my account

My Account

The new “My Account” page is accessible from Settings.

send ping

Send Messages from Ping Acknowledgement List

Select recipients from the Ping acknowledgement list, and send them a new message.

Version 5.2 - July 2018

ping attach

Message Attachments

Add pictures or videos as attachments to your pings or incident messages.

Version 5.1 - March 2018


Multilingual Option

The Crises Control app is now available in five languages: English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish. More languages coming soon.


General Improvements

We have made improvements to the:

  • User interface
  • Performance of the app
  • Data protection
  • Data segregation
  • Choice of siren sounds
  • Better offline capabilty
corporate identity

Corporate Identity

Display your corporate logo in the app. Users will see your company’s logo when they log in, reinforcing your commitment to keep people safe and updated at all times.


Fingerprint Recognition

Use your finger print for Single Sign On. Smartphones with integrated fingerprint recognition can be used to log in to one or more companies.

corporate message

Corporate Message

We have introduced new space for corporate messages. These are displayed in the home page of the app.

sos 1

Call for Help with the new SOS Emergency button

Improve your own safety and let key contacts know you are in danger by using the SOS emergency button.

task 1

My Tasks

You can manage your tasks quicker with a single tap.

data protection 1

Data Protection of Personal Information

Improvements have been made in the app to restrict other people’s personal information being displayed to unauthorised users.

Displaying the full list of people engaged with the incident and their key contact details can be restricted to key holders only in the app.

track travel

Track me during Travel

Users can decide to be tracked using their phone’s geo location service when travelling in risky areas. Location data can be a critical aid for safety and crisis management.

Turn it ON and OFF when necessary.

Version 5.0 - January 2018

App Redesigned

  • The mobile app UI has been redesigned.
  • Choose one of 10 different siren sounds.
  • Launch the SOS feature from the app.
  • Manage tasks from the app.
  • Start tracking from the app.
  • Implement two step verification when you reset the password.
  • Multi company log in and push handling.
  • Display company logo on the log in screen.
  • Customise the company message on the app home screen.
  • Link to Privacy Policy added to Settings.
  • Customise message responses.
  • App code performance and error handling.
  • Improved handling of large data, finding users, and viewing lists of recipients.
  • Crises Control phone number added in mobile contacts with logo icon.