Integration with other applications

It is easy to integrate Crises Control with other established applications such as Service Desk software, CRM and HR database, Security Monitoring systems and many more

Crises control is designed to receive “Triggers” from these systems and perform the actions that you have set up. For example, you can launch an incident from an IT alerting system, or you can update your users adding new starters and removing leavers when a trigger is received from the HR system. 

We offer our customer flexibility and choices for integrations.

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Trigger imports via Email, SFT and SM. These can launch an Incident or send mass notification Ping.
  • Import Bulk User (CSV, excel file format)
  • Scheduled user data imports, export and much more
  • Data import and on-demand.
  • Single-sign on integration(optional).
  • Open APIs (for developers and accredited partners) 

Triggers can use to build integration with a physical monitoring system such as building alarms, fire alarms, temp control systems, server monitoring software, antivirus software, or any system capable of generating an alert by Email, SMS or SFTP.

If you would like to know more about integration options, contact us.

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  • Fire Alarm
  • CCTV Monitoring Systems
  • Security Monitoring Systems
  • Entry Control Systems
  • Cyber Threat Monitoring Systems
  • Service Desk Systems
  • IT Alerting Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • HR Systems
  • Server Monitoring Systems
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Flexible Integration Options

Flexibility and ease of use lie at the heart of our approach to integration, because most organisations don’t have in-house software expertise to build integration connectors.

  • Trigger Integration

    Examples: IT Ticketing System, Machine control systems, Fire Alarms (modern), Server Monitoring, CCTV control panels, CRM systems, HR systems etc.
  • API Integration

    • Open API(s)
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Multi-platform and OS – interoperability with the Windows OS and Win 10 in 2019
  • Import Data & SFTP

    On demand ingestion of data from:
    • MS Excel or CSV files
    • Ingestion of data from FTP folder
    • Ingestion of data from trigger email containing the data file attachment
  • Bespoke Integration

    We are agile developers and can build the integration that you need if it is not available in our portfolio.
    Single sign On options (subject to scope).

User Administration

One of the biggest challenges faced by system administrators is to keep the database of users up to date so that it can be relied upon during a critical event. To integrate Crises Control with other applications we have devoted considerable energy to developing a range of options our customers can use.The different options are:

  • Active Directory integration
  • Trigger integration (automation of user creation and deactivation as people start and leave the organisation)
  • Scheduled bulk import CSV or Excel file deposited in FTP location.
  • On-demand Bulk import, using an Excel or CSV spreadsheet.
  • API option for companies who wish to use API
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Let's integrate

Crises Control offers you flexibility and choices for integrations. You don't have to be an expert:
Crises Control receives Triggers from softwares, databases, monitoring systems and more and perform the actions that you have set up.

Users, always up to date

Keep your user information updated whenever changes occur to personal your primary source of personal data i.e. HR, CRM, ERP systems or bespoke databases.

Act 96% faster

Reduce the time from 'Alert' to 'Response' to under a minute, this is a 96% improvement to the standard call tree approach. Monitoring systems like IT Ticketing, Fire alarms can be integrated with Crises Control to alert your people faster, disseminate information and resolve quicker.

'Always Prepared' Culture

Changing the culture of an organisation’s people to be ‘Always Prepared’ is a challenge. Our unique approach overcomes traditional barriers and objections. A scaled 'Star' rating show very individual their responsiveness.

Start using Crises Control today

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