Oil and Gas Industry Critical Incident Notification Solution Case Study

A major producer of liquified natural gas, based in the EMEA region, needed a reliable critical incident notification solution to improve its business continuity.
Oil and Gas Industry case study


A major producer of liquified natural gas, based in the EMEA region, with more than 600 employees based in their head office and production plant, needed a reliable critical incident notification solution to improve its business continuity.

The system needs to ensure that critical incidents are notified rapidly to its response team to reduce the impact of any incident and mitigate disruption to supply.


Operating as it does across the energy, production and transport sectors, the customer is exposed to a range of potentially critical incidents and at the same time needs to keep the supply of natural gas flowing smoothly to its customers.

This means that they need to effectively manage any critical incidents, rapidly activate their incident response teams and communicate clearly with stakeholders to mitigate the incident and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.


The customer deployed the Crises Control platform, which enables their business continuity team to send immediate notifications about critical incidents to response teams, employees and key stakeholders. The multi-channel approach of the platform ensures that the message will always get through to its intended audience.

Crises Control provided a blended remote and on-site onboarding service for the customer, with our Account Manager travelling to the region for a five day visit to train administrators, refine their setup and conduct a user acceptance testing exercise with 30 participants.

Customer Q&A with the head of the business continuity

What does Crises Control help you to do better or quicker?

The real benefit of the platform is that it gives us complete assurance our messages will get out quickly and securely during a critical incident. We compose and send the messages ourselves, via multiple media channels, and we can track their safe delivery to and acknowledgement of receipt by individual users.

What value does the Crises Control platform bring to you?

The core value that Crises Control brings to us is the reliability of the platform to deliver our key messages at a time of crisis. That is a value almost beyond price. But the platform also does a number of other things.

Firstly, it allows us to automate a number of key tasks during a period of high stress, with messages, incidents responses and multi-media assets all preloaded onto the platform ready for distribution.

Secondly, it allows us to hold virtual exercises with all of our users to test out response to different scenarios to practice and measure response times, so that when a real event hits we are much better prepared.

How happy were you with the onboarding and training experience?

Crises Control provided a very full onboarding service to us with one of their visiting us for a week long programme. The on-site training showed our team how to populate and make full use of the platform functionality, including the performance dashboard.

Before the installation was signed-off, they led a user acceptance testing exercise based on the scenario of a fire in a chemical warehouse. They also led a workshop to help us create incidents and response plans for our major business risk areas.

What is the relationship like with the Crises Control account team?

Following on from their on-site visit, we have a very close relationship with the Crises Control team. They provide a 24/7 helpdesk for user queries, but we also speak to our account manager once a week to resolve any other issues and upgrades.

“Crises Control has provided an additional level of assurance to us that our critical messages will get out quickly and securely when they are needed.”

Head of Business Continuity
Leading Oil & Gas Industry