Hospitality Critical Incident Notification Platform Case Study

One of the world’s most ambitious luxury tourism developments needed a critical incident notification platform to match its ambition to deliver an innovative holiday experience utilizing smart technology.
Hospitality Sector Case Study


One of the world’s most ambitious luxury tourism developments, based on an archipelago of islands in the EMEA region, needed a critical incident notification platform to match its ambition to deliver an innovative holiday experience utilizing smart technology. The platform needed the ability to scale up as the development progressed to its full opening.


Currently operating in the development phase, the customer has to manage a complex variety of technically challenging construction projects. This presents a range of risks that need to be managed via critical incident communications.

Once the project opens its doors, it will employ 14,000 people working at the resort and in supporting infrastructure. This phase will present an entirely different range of risk scenarios. The customer therefore needs an agile critical incident platform that can scale up as needed and cover a wide range of different incident types.


The customer deployed the Crises Control platform, which enables its Risk and Compliance Team to send immediate notifications about critical incidents to all employees or just to relevant teams at its head office or its different construction sites.

The multi-channel approach of the platform ensures that the message will always get through and generates an automatic audit trail of what messages have been sent, and who has seen them, for compliance purposes.

Customer Q&A with the director of services

What does Crises Control help you to do better or quicker?

Our range of potential risks will change massively from the construction phase to the ultimate operational resort phase and we needed a platform that could provide safe and secure delivery of critical incident notifications across all scenarios.

Crises Control allows us to quickly and easily target very different groups of employees in very different locations, from construction sites to luxury hotels and from less than 10 people to all 14,000 employees once we are fully up and running.

What value does the Crises Control platform bring to you?

The complexity of our existing company footprint and the changing nature of our operations moving forward into the future meant that we needed a platform which could adapt to our changing environment.

Crises Control demonstrated to us the agility and flexibility of their platform with its range of over 200 incident templates and its multi-channel communications engine. We felt reassured that the platform could cope with our growth and handle whatever we could throw at it.

How happy were you with the onboarding and training experience?

Crises Control make the onboarding experience as easy as possible with the option of live online training for administrators as well as supplying video and written instructions as standard for all system users to take advantage of. This will be very important for us as we embed the platform in the organisation for the future and hire many more employees.

What is the relationship like with the Crises Control account team?

Our customer success manager at Crises Control is always looking to make sure that we are utilizing the platform to its fullest extent as we learn more about its functions. They also provide 24/7 helpdesk support for all customers to rapidly resolve and technical and user questions.

“The real benefit of the platform is that it gives us complete assurance our messages will get out quickly and securely during a critical incident.”

Head of Risk and Compliance
Leading Hospitality Development Company