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Crises Control - Our Story

Like any effective solution, Crises Control was born from a very genuine problem. Transputec, our group company, a leading managed service provider (MSP), required enhanced business continuity planning, including a reliable way to alert response teams during a client incident, and an improved way to inform staff of work-related matters at any time.

From this requirement, Crises Control was developed. From the start it was packed with the key features that would support Transputec’s business continuity and resilience goals. Transputec then found that their customers had the exact same needs and so in 2015 Crises Control became a company of its own.

Over time we have continually updated our capabilities to meet customer needs and today we provide a suite of solutions to help organisations manage the entire lifecycle of a crisis including:

Today we are proud to provide our platform to hundreds of organisations around the world, who sent more than 1,000,000 notifications last year. Our customers come from all sectors including government, logistics, finance, and resources, and are spread across the globe.

Crises Control is part of the Transputec family of companies. Transputec is an established Information Technology and Solutions company with more than 40 years of IT innovation and excellent customer service.

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Our Mission

Ultimately, our mission is to be an invaluable tool to help businesses reduce the impact of a critical incident by managing disruptions (big or small) smarter.

Our Values

Self Improvement

We are passionate about growing, learning, and improving. We invest in our staff to ensure they are skilled in the latest technologies, and support them to provide excellent customer service. Our goal is to challenge the status quo.

Speed of Response

We aim to exceed expectations. We set ourselves superior standards of responsiveness, for every customer, wherever they are. Our goal is to act competently and with diligence, fulfilling customer expectations for advice and service.

Yes Attitude

Some of our favourite words include “Yes” and “Let’s work it out”. Our can-do attitude is our route to accomplishing the impossible. No task is too small for our teams, no project too big. We draw on our decades of experience to solve your problems.

We Listen to Our Customers

Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We translate complex technology into convenient products and tailored services that are delivered by our skilled and responsive teams.