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Ensuring employee and guest safety

The hospitality sector is a global and interconnected network of supply chains and customers, with hundreds of millions visiting hotels and resorts each year. This massive and transient customer and employee base raises the risk profile of the sector. Employee and guest safety must be a high priority.

Security is a number one concern for hotels and resorts, with the threat of cyber hacks, terrorist attacks, fire floods and storms and even terrorist attacks always present. They are highly dependent on critical IT systems such as reservations and billing. When these systems go down then restoring them is a priority for the business to operate.

The risks that hotel and resort employees and guests are exposed to include:

  • IT service outages
  • Fast-moving cyber attacks
  • Data security breaches
  • Critical events requiring building lockdown or evacuation
  • Fire, flood or storm
  • Terrorist attacks

Crises Control can equip hotels and resorts with automated incident management and IT alerting to warn customers of incidents and speed the resolution of system outages. These notifications ensure employees and guests and employees have the information they need to stay safe, healthy, and operationally responsive.

Crises Control can use geo-targeted notifications to:

employee safety
Case Study - Hospitality

Case Study - International Luxury Resort

One of the world’s most ambitious luxury tourism developments, based on an archipelago of islands in the EMEA region, needed a critical incident notification platform to match its ambition to deliver an innovative holiday experience utilising smart technology. The platform needed the ability to scale up as the development progressed to its full opening.

Currently operating in the development phase, the customer has to manage a complex variety of technically challenging construction projects. This presents a range of risks that need to be managed via critical incident communications.

Once the project opens its doors, it will employ 14,000 people working at the resort and in supporting infrastructure. This phase will present an entirely different range of risk scenarios. The customer therefore needs an agile critical incident platform that can scale up as needed and cover a wide range of different incident types.

The real benefit of the platform is that it gives up complete assurance our messages will get out quickly and securely during a critical incident.

Mass Communications for the Hotels and Resorts Sector

Emergency and evacuation plans done right

Effective communications during critical events means the difference between life and death. Crises Control will be able to reach response teams, employees and guests so that you can keep them safe.

Multichannel Notifications

Get notified instantly worldwide on any device via Email, Text, Phone and Push. Trace your team with GPS location finder and monitor the event as it unfolds, to completion.

SOS Alerts & GEO Mapping

Users can send SOS alerts and the system will monitor the location and status of each SOS alert during the entire life-cycle of the event.

Workflow Automation

Automate your response team’s course of action according to the business continuity plan, quickly resolve any issue to cut expenses and get back on track as soon as possible.