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Digital Transformation Software - Digital Business Continuity!

The fact that a majority of organisations are updating their BCM programmes is a testament to the dynamic nature of today’s business risk landscape. Today, a growing number of potential threats, such as cyber-attacks, hacking, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, have made effective business continuity planning a must, in some cases insurance cover requires it. Has your organisation considered ways it can become more resilient?

Crises do not follow a plan, we all know that, to execute a faster recovery to normal, operations needs a different approach to that of the past. The importance of reliable and rapid communications with digital plans, tasks and checklist supersedes the traditional business continuity plan in hard-copy binders or, in more recent years, on their intranet portal.

Digital transformation software
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Become more resilient

If a crisis does strike, a slow response could lead to a business being exposed to grave consequences. Fast-moving digital threats require agile, effective, and highly responsive business continuity plans. 

In the digital age, business downtime can be prevented by proactive preparation and a speedy crisis response, which are best achieved with a digital business continuity plan. Business continuity attack exercises have been treated as “Important but not Urgent” simply because exercises were time consuming to organise and expensive to do on top of the normal operations. This has changed. Exercise plans can be devised and tested with easy or co-pilot service can make that even easier. The audit data we collect and makes it easier to make improvements be more resilient.

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One highly effective way to embrace digital plans is to utilize the Crises Control mobile business continuity app, which enables your team to access the information it needs at the touch of a button using mobile phones or tablets. Instead of lengthy documents, your plans are transformed into role, situation, and location-sensitive digital playbooks so employees can instantly home in on the exact information they need to perform day-to-day preventive tasks or to respond to a critical event.

One-button anywhere, anytime access to business continuity plans ensures that employees have the information they need to proactively manage and mitigate risk throughout the organisation. The Crises Control mobile app creates a digital framework that helps stakeholders prepare for and react to threats and crises should they occur. As a result, they are better equipped to protect the company’s operations, reputation, bottom line, assets and employees.

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Digital transformation software

Business Continuity Solutions - Response Evaluation

In your last crisis, how effective were your emergency response plans?

We all know that you never get the disaster than you planned for. How did you measure your responses’ success? Did you manage negative press effectively? Did your leaders adopt the required accountability of what happened? Did all employees act sensibly and do the right things? Are employees empowered with the right information and escalate properly? Did compliance and risk officers contribute to decision making? There are hundreds of questions that can help assess the effectiveness of your response.

Crises Control has partnered with The Prepared MindTM to help organisations find the right business continuity solutions.

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