Ensure Student Safety and Continuity of Learning with Crises Control's Comprehensive Platform. With Advanced Incident Management Tools, Real-time Alerts, and Robust Communication Capabilities, Crises Control Helps Schools Respond Quickly and Effectively to Emergencies, Protect Students and Staff, and Maintain Business Continuity.


Communication at all times: Parents, Students and School

Crises Control perfectly fits the need of schools and colleges. With its intuitive messaging app and its multi-channel communication system, Crises Control can be used in to ensure communication between parents, students and school staff at all times. Equipped with six communication channels, you can choose the relevant channels for your message, with email and push communications free!

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Versatility for maximum ROI

Crises Control comes with low implementation costs making it an all-in-one solution for routine communications, emergency alerting, and continuity of services for your school. Here are some relevant communication applications in the education sector:

  • Routine messages: absences, school closures, cancellation of classes, weather alerts. 
  • Obtain acknowledgments from parents + ‘performance audit’.
  • Run awareness campaigns: online safety, health and safety, mental health, weather. 
  • Stay connected with children and staff during school trips.
  • Alert students and parents about existing threats.
  • Locating students during a critical event.
  • Dealing with media, and external stakeholders (local education authorities, councils, etc.)
  • Make fire drills and evacuations rehearsals easy.

Reliable Communication for your School

Educate yourselves about our 21st century mass communication platform

In critical situations, transport providers face significant operational challenges related to staffing, equipment, technology and passenger care. Whether it’s an unforeseen event for regulatory compliance, Crises Control can equip transport providers with the integrated mass communications platform needed to reach out to their response teams and passengers or cargo and handle the emergency. And return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Keeping Contacts up-to-date

Crises Control offers a very simple way to keep contact details of students, parents and staff up-to-date.

Free Acknowledgements and Communications

Sending out communications, including obtaining acknowledgements and responses, can be free.

Surveys or just Questions

Crises Control can enable your users to set response options in their messages.