Crises Control awarded 2021 Emergency Mass Notifications Tools Data Quadrant Awards gold medalist

Crises Control awarded SoftwareReviews gold medal 2021

Crises Control are delighted to have been awarded a SoftwareReviews gold medal as a 2021 Emergency Mass Notifications Tools Data Quadrant Awards.

SoftwareReviews award the gold medal to vendors who are leaders according to the feedback provided by their end users in SoftwareReviews online survey. Crises Control scored a Net Emotional Footprint of +99, and scored top in many of the categories on which this score was created.

Crises Control Managing Director, Shalen Sehgal, said about the award:

2020 taught us that planning ahead is more important than ever. You never know when business as usual will be disrupted and you will need to adopt an entirely new set of processes in a matter of minutes.

Communication with employees is increasingly challenging as they are spread out around cities, countries and increasingly the world. At Crises Control we have worked hard to ensure that our platform helps our customers keep their people safe wherever they are during these challenging times.

The SoftwareReviews gold medal in the 2021 Emergency Mass Notifications Tools Data Quadrant Awards shows us that we are succeeding in providing a high quality service for our customers.

Credit goes to the team at Crises Control for their dedication, insight, and creativity even as we ourselves are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Providing high quality services to our customers when they need it most

The SoftwareReviews gold medal is awarded to the top rated vendors according to the feedback given by their users in the SoftwareReviews online survey. It awards a Net Emotional Footprint whereby users’ feelings towards the product in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, and strategy and innovation are taken into account to create the final score. Crises Control received a Net Emotional Footprint of +99, coming top in many of the categories on which the score is based.

Customers are asked to score vendors against their capabilities and product features, and state whether the vendor ‘Delights’ or ‘Highly Satisfies’ the customers. Crises Control was awarded the top score in many of these categories including ease of implementation, multi-channel mass notification, scheduled messaging, and quality of features.

Read the report and view the Data Quadrant here.