Crises Control features in Sunday Times

Crises Control features in Sunday Times

Few would have predicted the catastrophic consequences that the coronavirus has had on business operations, finances, staffing and the wider economy, with the aftershock of the global pandemic felt across nearly every industry. What the last few months have taught businesses, however, is the importance of having robust continuity plans and risk management frameworks in place to help mitigate the impact of any future crises.

The coronavirus outbreak has amplified the need for organisations to provide fast, insightful and transparent communications during a crisis. Though much resilience planning has focused on enabling employees to work from home securely and productively, and ensuring businesses can operate at distance, it is communication with staff, stakeholders and customers that is truly defining those who have adapted most effectively to the pandemic.

The Business Continuity & Growth special report, published this week in The Sunday Times, features the Crises Control platform which automates and simplifies the distribution and management of thousands of messages to relevant stakeholders in a crisis. Speed and efficiency of communications is the core differentiator between organisations that are able to respond successfully to a crisis and those who ultimately fail to adapt.

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