Crises Control partners with the Continuity Forum to research the SME market

Crises Control partners with the Continuity Forum to research the SME market

Crises Control, the award-winning mass notification platform designed for business continuity, has teamed up with the Continuity Forum, the leading business continuity advice and research organisation in the UK, to research the SME market.

The Crises Control platform has a number of unique features of direct relevance to the SME market, which has so far proved largely resistant to BCM software on the grounds of functionality, resources and costs.

Crises Control have now partnered with the Continuity Forum to take advantage of their expertise to conduct research into the current state of business continuity planning in the SME sector in the UK and the size of the potential market for technology solutions to their BC challenges.

Announcing the partnership. Shalen Sehgal, Managing Director of Crises Control, said:

“I am delighted that we are able to take advantage of the expertise of Russell Price and his colleagues at the Continuity Forum to reach out to the SME sector and research the views on the need for Business Continuity measures. We know that every business is at risk from disruption events and that small businesses are at greater risk than larger ones of going under as a result”!

“We want to find out how SMEs themselves view this challenge and what they see as the possible benefits that technology solutions can bring to this task. Continuity Forum are just the right people to help us do this”.

Russell Price, Chairman of the Continuity Forum, said:

“We are delighted to have the support of Crises Control in our latest major study programme, working to identify the tools and resources needed by SME’s to develop better Business Continuity capabilities”.

“Improving the quality of BCM planning across SME could help transform the resilience of half of the UK economy and deliver tremendous financial and societal benefits”.

“Time is precious in businesses of all sizes; our aim is that this research will identify common obstacles and barriers and produce useable and useful recommendations on the actions and resources that are needed to cost and build resilience within the SME sector”.