Crises Control and Resilience First join together to promote urban resilience for business communities

Urban resilience for business communities | Crises Control

Crises Control, the award-winning mass notification platform designed for business continuity, has teamed up with Resilience First, the leading UK initiative to improve urban resilience for business communities, to launch a series of webinars and podcasts to raise awareness of resilience. The series of webinars and podcasts will be hosted by Crises Control and will feature subject matter experts from within the Resilience First network sharing their learning and expertise.

It is hoped that the series will include speakers on subjects such as airport resilience, resilience measurement, urban flooding, behaviour change campaigns and reputational resilience.

Shalen Sehgal, Managing Director of Crises Control said:

“I am delighted that we are able to support this initiative with Resilience First. It is vital that we raise awareness in the business community about the importance of building resilient businesses that can survive a crisis event. After all, the only thing harder than planning for a significant business disruption event is explaining why you didn’t when that day comes.”

Robert Hall, Executive Director of Resilience First said:

“This is an exciting and innovative development for Resilience First. It allows us to work with a first-class company that is already leading the field in crisis communications and information awareness. Together, we plan to expand our services to a wider range of clients and customers who may be unable to attend our regular briefings and events but are interested in knowing more about a wide range of resilience subjects.”