Product Marketer


  • This role will analyse specific customer concerns, needs and experiences;
  • Experience with positioning, messaging, brand awareness building, and customer conversion.
  • Expert on the product differentiators and can translate into clear/simple messages for target segments
  • Finding and developing effective marketing strategies to communicate the features and benefits of the Crises Control platform to our customers;
  • Performing market research on trending products, establishing timescales for releasing new products and taking part in presentation events;
  • Crafting product marketing messages and unique selling points that set the product apart from the rest in the market;
  • Communicating the vision of a company and the value of new products to the sales team and helping them develop tools that facilitate the sales process;
  • Planning and participating in the launch of new products and services in a company;
  • Briefing the press, PR teams on new products and services to be launched in the market;
  • Presenting products to both internal teams and clients, discussing sales strategy and using market research to establish product pricing;
  • Performing surveys, interviews and focus groups for obtaining insights about the customer’s product usage and buyer personas to tap new opportunities;
  • Agreeing on timelines and deadlines of new product development with the product management teams;
  • Creating marketing content such as case studies, website copy and blog posts.

Skills required

  • Excellent collaborative skills and ability to work with multiple teams and departments across the business;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills to create engaging copy and capture unique stories that help sell more products;
  • Excellent market research skills and the ability to gain insight into the customers’ needs and experiences;
  • Outstanding social media marketing skills for connecting with audiences and growing relationships with them;
  • Excellent copywriting and design skills to produce compelling sales material for both online and print media;
  • Accurate analytical skills for evaluating and discovering effective marketing strategies;
  • A keen eye for detail;
  • Ability to work with multi-national companies.
  • Gather feedback from the market, prospects, customers, and analysts to support the product roadmap
  • Develops clear messaging for

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