If a crisis hit right now, how ready would your organisation be to deal with it?

Business continuity and resilience refers to an organisation’s ability to adapt quickly to disruptions while maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding people, assets, and overall brand equity.

Crises will take place regardless of the protections you have in place to avoid them. It’s how ready your organisation is to deal with the crisis that determines the impact it has on your business. Crises Control complements your business continuity and resilience efforts, providing the platform for mass notifications, response team task management, and secure team communications.

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Plan Builder

Planning business continuity and resilience

Effective, pre-prepared, and tested incident management plans are vital during a crisis. Comprehensive incident management plans on Crises Control support response teams by allocating tasks for each member of the response team, and automating the workflow for executing the critical tasks required to make recovery as quick and smooth as possible.

The Crises Control Incident Plan Builder helps organisations who don’t have plans in place to create their crisis business continuity and resilience plans. The step by step guide to incident planning will lead you through the process of identifying the risks your organisation faces, and how to respond to them should they occur.

Incident management on Crises Control

In the heat of a crisis, the last thing your response team wants to do is have to think of what comes next. The Crises Control Incident Management Module provides valuable features to help you respond to, and manage incidents of all sizes.

Link the tasks from incident plans into the incident management module, and create action plans, checklists, template messages, and more. Track tasks as they are completed, and record all actions, decisions, and timings throughout the incident.

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Crises Control and Resilience First

Crises Control business continuity and resilience key features

Building business continuity and resilience with Crises Control

Stay connected and in control 24/7

In today’s fast moving, digital world, alerting your employees, customers, or the public is key to staying on top of unplanned or routine events, daily tasks, or emergency incidents. Use the Crises Control platform to plan, launch, communicate, support, and monitor incidents from start to finish.

Business Continuity

Integrate Crises Control with other platforms such as ticketing systems, server monitoring tools, antivirus software, and more to enhance your business continuity functions.

Incident Management

When a crisis hits, use Crises Control to manage tasks, track progress, and keep response teams, employees, and other stakeholders informed, until the incident is over.

Alert responders to incidents and tasks

Use Crises Control to alert response teams to an incident, allocate tasks, and report on progress. Gather performance data using automated auditing and inform post event learning and improvement.