Crises Control winner of 2022 Global 100 Best Mass Incident Notification Platform – UK


The Global 100 (2022) Award program covers an exceptional, proprietary selection process and ranking method. The worthiest winners are chosen based on domestic and international work according to a comprehensive set of criteria and judgement.

Crises Control is honoured to be named the winner of the 2022 Global 100 Best Mass Incident Notification Platform – UK. 

This award emphasises the complexity and strategic and meaningful work Crises Control continues to do.

The Crises Control platform makes it simple to send notifications to people at once to keep communication lines open for organizations in times of critical events. Enabling a quick, individual response with an automatic audit trail keeping a single version of the truth. This tool also minimizes the effects on people’s safety and impact on an organisation’s operations by providing up-to-the-minute notifications.