A radically different incident management platform

A radically different incident management platform

Crises Control is an award-winning incident management platform radically different from its competitors.

Our vision is to democratise business continuity planning.

  • BEFORE an incident we help you to build plans, test them continually to improve them and build a responsive culture within your organisation.
  • DURING the disruption we allow you to deliver unified, dependable and secure communications to your organisation and your people.
  • AFTER the incident we provide out of the box reporting and auditability.

We have all the features that you would expect from a leading-edge incident management platform. Incident action plan creation, administration and hosting tools. A multi-channel emergency notification platform. Track and trace functionality with a one-touch SOS button. An incident task manager module and incident timeline display. And audit logs and performance reports for post-incident review.

But it is our USPs that set us apart from the rest of the competition.

  • A platform built from the user upwards, with an intuitive native mobile app
  • Ease of deployment, with a quick start, self-implementation option
  • Templates and an incident library to help organisations without a BC plan
  • Simple pricing, a monthly subscription option, and a low total cost of ownership

Our USPs make Crises Control especially attractive to SMEs who do not yet have business continuity planning in place and need to get up and running quickly and easily to meet compliance requirements and reduce their business disruption recovery times. Our planning templates, self-implementation option and monthly subscription provides a new model of incident management solution that suits the needs of these smaller businesses for the first time.

Which is not to say that we are not also attractive to enterprises who already have business continuity plans in place. Many of our larger customers have chosen us because of our focus on making the platform user-friendly and easy to onboard, and because of our agile customer-centred approach.

Crises Control features in the new issue of Continuity & Resilience Magazine, which has just been published and which is free for BCI members. Get your copy from the BCI website.