A radically different incident management platform

incident management platform

Crises Control stands out as an award-winning incident management platform, distinguished by its innovative approach and commitment to democratising business continuity planning.

Crises Control’s Incident Management Platform

  • Preparedness is key. Before any incident occurs, we empower you to construct comprehensive plans, continually test and refine them, and foster a responsive organisational culture.
  • During disruptions, our platform facilitates unified, reliable, and secure communication across your entire organisation, ensuring swift response and coordinated action.
  • After the crisis, our platform offers seamless reporting and auditability, providing valuable insights for future improvements.

Beyond standard features expected of top-tier incident management platforms—such as incident action plan creation, administration tools, multi-channel emergency notifications, and incident task management—we offer unique selling points that truly differentiate us:

  1. User-Centric Design: Our platform is meticulously crafted from the ground up, boasting an intuitive native mobile app that enhances user experience and accessibility.
  2. Rapid Deployment: With a streamlined implementation process, organisations can swiftly integrate our platform into their operations, thanks to our quick start and self-implementation option.
  3. Comprehensive Resources: For organisations lacking business continuity plans, we provide templates and access to an extensive incident library, facilitating swift adoption and compliance.
  4. Transparent Pricing: Our straightforward pricing model offers a monthly subscription option and a low total cost of ownership, ensuring affordability and transparency.

These distinctive features make Crises Control particularly appealing to SMEs seeking to establish effective business continuity measures promptly and effortlessly, thereby meeting compliance standards and minimising downtime. Our tailored solutions, including planning templates, self-implementation tools, and flexible subscription plans, cater to the unique needs of smaller businesses, enabling them to navigate crises with confidence.

However, our appeal extends beyond SMEs; enterprises also find value in our platform. Many larger clients are drawn to our user-friendly interface, seamless onboarding process, and customer-centric approach, which prioritise ease of use and adaptability.


We’re proud to announce that Crises Control is featured in the latest edition of Continuity & Resilience Magazine, available now on the BCI website. BCI members can access this valuable resource for free, gaining insights into cutting-edge incident management practices and industry trends.

Join us in revolutionising incident management with Crises Control—a platform designed to empower organisations of all sizes to navigate crises effectively and emerge stronger than ever.

1. What makes Crises Control stand out from other incident management platforms?

Crises Control distinguishes itself through its user-centric design, rapid deployment options, comprehensive resources, and transparent pricing. Unlike traditional platforms, Crises Control prioritises intuitive usability, ensuring that organisations can swiftly implement and utilise the platform during critical incidents.

2. How does Crises Control support organisations before, during, and after a crisis?

Before a crisis, Crises Control helps organisations develop robust continuity plans, continually test them, and foster a culture of readiness. During a crisis, the platform enables unified and secure communication, ensuring timely responses and coordinated efforts. After the crisis, Crises Control provides detailed reporting and auditability for post-incident analysis and improvement.

3. Is Crises Control suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) without existing business continuity plans?

Yes, Crises Control is particularly well-suited for SMEs seeking to establish effective continuity measures quickly and affordably. With its user-friendly interface, templated resources, and flexible subscription options, Crises Control offers a tailored solution that addresses the unique needs of smaller businesses, helping them meet compliance requirements and minimise downtime.

4. How easy is it to implement Crises Control within an organisation?

Crises Control offers a streamlined implementation process, featuring quick-start options and self-implementation tools. This approach enables organisations to deploy the platform rapidly, minimising disruption to existing operations and ensuring that teams can adapt to the new system with ease.

5. Can enterprises with existing continuity plans benefit from Crises Control?

Absolutely. Many larger enterprises choose Crises Control for its user-friendly interface, seamless onboarding process, and customer-centric approach. By prioritising ease of use and adaptability, Crises Control empowers enterprises to enhance their incident management capabilities, streamline communication, and improve overall resilience in the face of crises.