Crises Control features in EMNS Software Report

Crises Control features in EMNS Software Report

Crises Control has featured once more in a leading Emergency and Mass Notification Software Report. The CIR EMNS Software Report 2016/17 is a market leading analysis of the top 13 global suppliers of emergency and mass notification software.

The EMNS Report for 2015/16 noted that the market for emergency and mass notification software solutions is predicted to expand rapidly over the next few years and that it is expected to grow from a value of US$3.81bn in 2015 to US$8.57bn in 2020. That would be an impressive compound annual growth rate of 17.6 per cent.

The EMNS Report notes a number of developments in the market:

  • The use of EMNS software is cascading through supply chains and becoming increasingly important as the number of mobile workers rises. The need to keep mobile workers safe from harm is rising up the corporate agenda.
  • The automation of messages in real time also provides an exhaustive audit trail for post-event analysis, an important process following an emergency.
  • The benefits of cloud deployment are allowing notification systems to integrate seamlessly with telephony, such a secure audited conference bridges as situations progress.
  • Many organisations are beginning to realise the downside of business continuity management platforms that are not integrated with their emergency messaging systems. When it comes to invoking a plan, having to switch between different systems can become counterproductive.

Here at Crises Control we have a platform that address all of these issues raised in the Report. A number of our new customers have identified mobile worker safety as a critical issue for them and a reason to subscribe to Crises Control. Our platform provides a comprehensive audit trail of all communications, for post-event analysis and learning. Our multiple communications channels do include secured conferences bridges that can be launched directly from our mobile app, with voice recording as an option. And Crises Control is a fully integrated incident management platform and communications system.

If you are looking to procure emergency mass notification software, then the CIR Report and Matrix is a great place to start. You can use it to quickly compare suppliers and functionality. We think that if you do so seriously then Crises Control will be on your list of tender invitations. We certainly hope so.

Rickie Sehgal