Crises Control launches Version 5 with new mobile app interface

Crises Control launches Version 5 with new mobile app interface

I am delighted to announce that Crises Control, the award winning incident notification and management solution, has just launched Version 5 of the platform with a number of significant new features, including a complete overhaul of its mobile application interface.

The Crises Control platform is built for ease of use and was designed from the start around its mobile app, which provides complete incident notification and management functions from any mobile device.

The new mobile app interface has additional features including:

  • A new SOS button on the home page to allow user defined emergency messages to be sent with one click
  • The ability for all users to send a ping message from the app
  • A ‘track me during an incident’ option
  • A ‘track me during travel’ option

The new Version 5 will also allow further customisation by the client including:

  • Siren tone options
  • Company logo upload facility on home page
  • Optional tracking data retention parameters

I am very excited about the new version of the Crises Control mobile app. It is even more user friendly than before and includes some very important new functions around tracking and assisting users during a critical incident.

These new emergency functions have been requested by customers who want to be able to provide one-to-one support for their employees during critical incidents such as terror attacks.

The new SOS button has a number of leading edge features, including one touch, silent push, tracking request and taken together they keep Crises Control at the front of the field as a best-in-class emergency notification solution.

The new functions will be made available immediately to all existing Crises Control users and to all new customers once they sign-up to the platform, free of charge.

Shalen Sehgal
Director of Business Development