Operational resilience in a complex world

Global Risk Management Survey 2019: Operational resilience in a complex world

Crises that threaten the reputation and operations of an organization are becoming an everyday occurrence. As the business environment becomes more complex, resilience continues to climb the agenda of every C-suite.

Accordingly to the AON Global Risk Management Survey 2019, every organization, industry and economy around the world is confronting more risks than ever before. Considering this backdrop, it’s troubling that many organizations report that they may be less prepared than they have ever been.

A key insight from the survey is that organizations need to be more prepared for the broad range of risks that threaten their ability to continue growing, protecting their brand and serving clients and stakeholders. Top-of-mind concerns include a slowing economy, damage to reputation and brand and accelerated rates of change in market factors reflecting apprehension about global trade conditions.

In a weakening economic environment, companies are more sensitive to volatility, particularly from emerging risks such as cyber-attacks, business interruption from non-physical threats and shortages of skilled workers. These risks are less well understood as there is less experience and less data available to help manage them. As a result, risk readiness has declined to its lowest level in 12 years.

Here at Crises Control our focus as a company is to help your business prepare, respond and remediate crises, to support your sustained survival and growth. There have been countless examples of businesses brought to their knees by a lack of foresight or poor crisis management.

These events highlight the shortcomings of traditional risk management and a lack of capabilities, tools and approach in organizations needed to survive and prosper in an age of uncertainty.

Business resilience builds on the traditional principles of business continuity but extends much further to help enhance your organization’s immune system, so you can tackle challenges, fend off illness and bounce back more quickly.

Operational resilience is the embedding of capabilities, processes, behaviours and systems which allow an organization to continue to carry out its mission, in the face of disruption regardless of its source. Organizations are investing more into this protective discipline in order to anticipate, protect and plan for recovery at all times.

At Crises Control we use our platform to help organizations build resilience solutions that work in practice, from incident action planning to crisis rehearsals. Using the tools available on the platform we can help you integrate resilience into a wider business context, ensuring you are confident and ready for when a crisis hits.

Shalen Sehgal
Managing Director