Crises Control Opens New Cloud-Computing Data Centre Region with Sahara Net

New Cloud-Computing Data Centre Region with Sahara Net

At Crises Control we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service offering to our customers in whatever way we can. Since Crises Control is hosted on the cloud, this involves creating a cloud strategy that works for every customer, no matter where they are in the world.

As a result, we are delighted to announce that Crises Control has signed a partnership with Sahara Net to host the Crises Control platform and provide services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This partnership enables us to host Crises Control locally, improving our service, and generally extend our service capabilities in the region.

Adding value through strategic partnerships

Sahara Net is a leading Information and Communications Technology provider in the Saudi market. Founded in 1989, Sahara Net is a provider of choice to businesses in Saudi Arabia, providing high quality, high availability cloud hosting, cloud storage, and other cloud services and solutions to a wide range of customers.

For Crises Control, this partnership is an opportunity for us to provide our award-winning crisis communications and incident management platform from a fast, secure, local, cloud provider. This partnership goes beyond a simple hosting arrangement in order to bring the high quality services that customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deserve. 

Sahara Net provides cloud hosting, onboarding and support services, and a local Crises Control presence for customers in both Saudi Arabia and across the wider Middle East. For customers in Saudi Arabia, the time to market is drastically reduced, and they can integrate Crises Control with their systems sooner, and go about their business trusting that whatever the incident, Crises Control will be fully functional and available.

Performing crucial functions with Sahara Net

Talking about our new partnership with Sahara Net, Crises Control Managing Director, Shalen Sehgal said:

Crises Control performs a crucial function for organisations during their most sensitive periods. It is therefore vital that they can count on the platform always being available to deliver significantly improved organisation resilience. 

This partnership with Sahara Net provides the stability that both Crises Control and our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need.

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