Reaching out to mobile employees during a critical event

Reaching out to mobile employees during a critical event

Two major features of business today are a global operating environment and a mobile workforce. Customers, suppliers and employees can be spread across the globe, even for a small or medium sized business. Data storage centres can be on another continent and the web allows companies to market to customers anywhere. Customer reach and supply lines are becoming increasingly lengthy and stretched.

Workforces are also extremely mobile, perhaps remotely located and definitely able to work on the move, with mobile devices and internet connectivity. This all means that when a disruption event occurs, your critical event communications needs to be global and multi-channel to ensure that it can reach your employees, customers and suppliers.

A cloud-hosted solution, employing multi-modal communications channel, will ensure the best chance of your platform being both operational during a critical incident and able to reach out to your team, using every available contact path to communicate with employees until delivery is acknowledged. Critically, this means using both the mobile phone signal and internet connectivity, including public or discoverable wi-fi.

For larger organisations, it can be a difficult task just to keep track of their employee’s locations as they travel around. This is a necessity, not only for task-related reasons, but also for their own safety should they enter a geographic location that is under some kind of threat, be it severe weather, travel disruption or something more sinister, such as a terror attack.

Leading-edge critical event management platforms can now offer employee tracking functionality, using GPS geo-location linked to mobile devices. Crises Control has just launched a new track and trace facility that allows employees to opt into having their location automatically tracked via their mobile device whilst they are travelling or during a critical incident.

This allows the employee assistance team to monitor whether an employee is located in an ‘at risk’ location and potentially direct a rescue team to their position. Another new feature of Crises Control is a one touch SOS button that gives the employee the ability to send an emergency assistance request that will at the same time automatically pinpoint their location.

When a critical event happens, you need to have two-way communication with your employees. It is vital that your critical communication is guaranteed to reach them and that they are assured of a response from you when they need urgent help.

Crises Control offers multi-channel communication by phone call, SMS message, push notification and e-mail. Whatever mobile device they use, laptop, tablet or mobile, they will not be able to ignore your urgent communication.

In an increasingly globalised and mobile business world, our intuitive mobile application allows your employee assistance team to keep track of all employees and reach them wherever they are located, to provide whatever assistance they need.

Shalen Sehgal
Director of Business Development