What keeps you awake at night? Data, generator and the regulator!

What keeps you awake at night? Data, generator and the regulator!

As the owner or director of a small business, what keeps you awake at night?

Almost certainly at the top of the list is the thought that your trading operations might be interrupted. Perhaps by a cyber attack that denies you access to all of your customer data, so that you cannot contact them. Or perhaps by an event such as a fire, flood or power outage shuts down your online or customer store retail operation.

In either event you know that the trading interruption is going to cost you big money. You will lose revenue from your retail trade, incur the cost of restoring your operations and, long-term, suffer the possible loss of customers to your competitors.

Also, high on the list will be the thought that, as the owner or director of the business, you are the person responsible and liable if anything goes wrong in terms of information security, health and safety or even an insurance claim. Regulators across a range of issues are becoming increasingly aggressive as they pursue businesses that fail to comply with their rules, and impose sanctions such as heavy fines that can completely wipe out your profits.

The most prominent of these threats right now is the looming deadline of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in May 2018. This wide ranging EU regulation affects any business that holds data belonging to EU citizens and imposes a series of data handling obligations on the data controller. These obligations include the requirement to notify your customers and the regulator quickly if a data breach takes place. If you fail to comply with the deadline you could be fined €20 million or 4% of your turnover.

As the owner or director of a small business, what helps you to sleep at night?

How about knowing that you have in place a technology solution that will allow you to cut your response time to a business disruption event by up to 96%, establish contact with all of your employees, suppliers and customers and help you to get your business back up and running quicker than ever?

That might help!

Now, how about knowing that the same mobile phone app will also allow you to cut your response time to a regulatory event by 96%, notify your employees, customers and even the regulator about the event, log your actions for audit purposes and avoid the possibility of a huge regulatory fine?

Wow, that would really help!

The Crises Control tool can help you to avoid the pitfalls of data, the generator and the regulator, and help you sleep at night. That has to be worth a look.

Also, download our free white paper, “Keep your business safe from regulatory fines“.

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